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  6. I can either come to your location (hotel or home) for your session or provide a location for you. You will have a beautiful selection of images either way and the choice doesn't affect the price of your session package so the decision is entirely up to you. Here are some things you may want to consider before deciding.

    For Boudoir Sessions

    • Will your location have privacy or are you sharing your space with someone else?
    • Will your location have the space and background you're wanting for your session images?

    For Erotic Sessions

    • These sessions are about the intimacy between couples and not so much about the decor of a room. They are more focused on the people than the linens or lingerie. I've found that it's more comfortable for women and couples to be shot in this style of photography in the privacy of their own space and I've yet to shoot an erotic session in a location that I just couldn't work in.

    For all of my Sessions

    • I work with a variety of properties and choose the properties and rooms I secure based on my shooting style and needs. Every location I provide for my client sessions are ones I frequently shoot in. However, I cannot secure a location for your session until your session deposit has been made so I'm unable to tell you the exact property your session will be captured at before you book.

  7. You'll be able to select your session package and session preferences once I've confirmed availability.

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